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September 17, 2017

She wanted to find the answer,

She wanted to find the feeling, absolute bliss.


Strange, isn’t it? Searching for something that she had never known.

Aching for a touch she had never felt, to hear the words that have never been spoken…



To feel something, to feel wanted.

To feel the spark that will light her up and take her to unknown places.




September 15, 2017

Our name draws connection to our mind and body.

Our expectation is through our name,

through our mind,

our perception.


Everything we do is drawn through reason with a complex
“why? why not?”


The constant questions, pulling and pushing… never ending.


Expectations- who needs it?
who demands it?

Society, media, friends, families… we do.

The subtle messages, silent noise.


Drowning out our sorrows, our cries.


We search for acceptance and search for our pocket, asking,
“Where do we belong?”

Can someone guide us?

Blind by the choice, numb by sheer fear.

The unknown sub consciously taking our power away.


Striping us from what we know,

Vulnerable, scared but willing.


Silent noise vanishes- expectations fade.

We vanish and let go.


Accepting and embracing truth

Who we are and who we want to be, where we want to be.

Opinions of others don’t matter anymore…



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