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Mikaela Pontecorvo founder of Raw People Productions

About me:

Hi lovely people, thank you for visiting my page- believe it or not this is exactly where you are meant to be! Raw is about you, created for you to teach you more about yourself. I believe in real, honest conversations, I believe in our ability to create change in this world- above all this I believe in kindness and love- this is what brings us all together.


A little bit about me…

I have always had a passion for film, television, creating, writing and reading, I would find comfort in a book that I was reading or a blog that I was writing. From the age of 10 I could feel a shift, things around me were changing and I was really aware. I would have visions of things happening and within in a matter of time my visions became reality.

Through my early teens my life changed quite drastically in the process of life changing, my voice was taken- I was overpowered- it eventually broke me down until it felt like I had nothing. No voice, no confidence and nothing to give. My journey began.

I was on journey of healing. Along the way I had more breakdowns then I could count and sometimes the pain would be that severe that all I could do was sit and hope that it would pass. I woke up one morning and said to myself ‘please give me something, I feel like I don’t believe in anything.’ Within 15 minutes I discovered Super Soul Sunday- Tony Robbins was featuring on the episode. I remember his voice was so loud and intense and I felt like he was speaking directly to me, he said:
“Once you figure out that the universe is working for you not against you, it’s a game changer.”


Something inside me switched, was this all for a higher purpose? Am I supposed to grow from this? As I sat in disbelief I heard a voice say ‘write it down’ so I did. As I began to write everything I had ever felt came up; what I was thinking, feeling... I questioned it all.

I realised through the power of listening and writing that we hold the answers to our questions and the only way to figure it out is to listen.


I needed to find love again, love for myself and people. I began to practise yoga, it was hot, hard and confronting. I cried in every class for the first year. My body felt like it was going to explode but my Soul Self would remind me why I needed it (along with my cousin, who introduced me to yoga.)

I immersed myself in yoga, reading, writing, self-care. I began to talk to my Soul Self; asked for signs and guidance... that constant conversation not only led me to the right people, places and lessons but it led me to RAW. This all led me back to my voice.

The story goes on, it's detailed and some parts are sad and some are great… one day I’ll share but for now I’m here to talk about something more important… You.


RAW is for you and about you. Our stories are all different but we are all the same, seeking the same feelings. I hope you find comfort when you visit RAW, I hope this gives you what you need to speak your truth. This is from me to you, from my heart to yours. I would love to hear about you, who you are, what you believe in.


To create a change, we must come together.


Peace & love,


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