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Light ☾

We constantly search for something real that we can connect to either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

I admire our need to feel something deeper. Personally I believe it’s a sign of growth, our soul one day finding absolute peace.

Whilst we are all looking for that ‘thing’ to inspire us or to change us, the is happening. Racism, sexism, lack of equality… the list goes on. We are all made the same- blood and bones all wanting the same thing; to love, to be loved. We all have a need to be wanted, to be accepted… to live a life that is so authentic, so real with no apology.

To be who we want to be.

As individuals, we gravitate to where we feel safe or to a place that feels familiar. We are comfortable knowing that there are certain places, people and situations that we ‘fit’ into... but maybe that’s because it’s all we have ever known?

Maybe we are so used to what we ‘know’ that we are scared to try something different, scared to embrace the other part of us that is so vibrant, itching to be released…

To those who have ever felt discriminated, isolated, alone and as though they have no purpose, I dedicate this to you. You heart is pure, your mind is brilliant. There is light within you and it is brighter then you could even imagine.

Know your worth and shine.

Peace & love,


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