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Moments ☮

Life is made up of moments.

Moments that are significant, that make us or break us or help define who we are or want to be.

Moments that steer us away or towards who we struggle to see.

In one moment a message, action or phrase can impact us more then a lifetime ever could.

In life we embrace, listen, question, develop understanding and most importantly work towards accepting, where we are and the lessons hidden beneath the surface.

As human beings, it is our duty to stand together- to use our voices in unity. We must define a new ‘norm’ for beauty, we must paint the way for art and creativity, must calculate a new way to understand the human mind. We must cultivate patience and practice the art of love. It’s time that we allow the wildness in our hearts to take over and most of all we must accept the feeling of complete and utter freedom.

The feeling of true freedom is one that cannot be described nor replaced.

Peace & love,


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