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What will make you feel differently? What do you need to see that will spark a fire within you?

I am inspired by real life...

Those who inspire me are people who have suffered and found the courage to turn their life around, creating a ripple effect inspiring those around them.

THEY are the ones who spread positivity and hope to those who struggle.

It doesn’t matter how big or small what you went through was, what matters is how we- YOU as an individual, allows it to alter your life; if you let it control your life.

We have all experienced moments which have challenged us and forced us to face a reflection that maybe we weren’t ready to see...

Admire yourself- admire your ability to feel. Be proud that your heart is able to feel something so deep that it already has changed you, you are stronger now.

This will change you. It has changed you.

You can now feel complete empathy, patience and growing acceptance. You have now realised that you are a person of value.

This is the start of your journey.


Peace & love,


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