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Facing your reflection.

Who do you see when you’re standing on the mat? Do you resonate with your reflection? Are you comfortable? How do you feel?

I was recently asked the question “Why do you practise yoga?”

I didn’t know how to answer… how could I come up with only one reason as to why I practise this yoga (it’s changed my life in many ways.)

I replied with:

“To find acceptance within myself.”

I spoke to a few other yogis later on and we came to the conclusion that a shift happens physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We spoke about when we first started the practise and how deep down we were all suppressing something.

Every day we are consumed by what we see on social media and the news. We compare ourselves and our lives based on images we see online. We assume because someone is smiling in a photo, on the beach with an acai bowl in their hand that their life is perfect. We begin to believe that in order to be happy we must look a certain way, speak a certain way, dress a certain way and we forget to just be.

When did we start to forget about who we are? When did society and the world around us become more important then who we are and what we feel?

What if we switch our focus?

What if we gave ourselves permission each day to focus our attention on no one else but ourselves?

Imagine the change that could occur; we could begin to figure out who we are, what we want, what we are working towards, what healing needs to take place and what we are searching for…

We would begin to present the best version of ourselves to our family and friends and without even realising it, begin to change the energy around us, creating the ripple effect.

When we are honest with ourselves the real change begins to happen. Every day I stare at myself in the yoga room- I have no choice. Everyday my reflection presents me with something new; sometimes I am grateful and sometimes I wish the mirrors weren’t there.

Not everyone has to practise yoga as such but I ask what is your yoga? What forces you to be completely honest with yourself?

Peace & love,


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