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I, (just like you) am trying to work out the endless amounts of emotions that we feel everyday- what to do with them, where to direct them and how to re-focus the mind.

I found out something interesting the other day; did you know that once you have shared a piece of your life with someone that their energy lingers with yours for at least 6 months- 1 year or even longer… crazy, right?!

It makes sense now, when you try to move forward it can be difficult, you may often hear the term:

“I can’t let go.”

Well it’s true because energetically there is still attachment.

That’s the funny thing about attachment, we can mix it up so easily; we become attached to an idea rather than what is real. We come up with these amazing scenarios of how life will be, how your next relationship will be. For some reason, we take on the responsibility and say,

“I can change this, I’ll hang out a little longer and hopefully it gets better...” yep, it probably won’t.

I don’t say that to be discouraging, I say it to speak truth- why lie? The fact is: If someone wants to be with you- they just will.

There are no ifs, buts, maybes about it. If they treat you as an option, not a priority that might be your answer…

We are surrounded by TV shows where 23-30 year olds are finding their ‘true love’ by being matched with a random person; I think as much as it may be great for entertainment value, that it’s not good for the soul.

It creates an irrational fear of being alone- the word that everyone is scared of.

As I said previously I am also trying to work out all of these emotions, but what I have figured out is the difference between an attachment that is good for me and an attachment that does not serve me.

We are all just trying our best, it might take a few more heart breaks to figure it out but I guess one thought to keep in mind is:

What are you attached to? 

Peace & love,


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