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Trust what you cannot see.

I'm sorry that I have been M.I.A for a few weeks, I've had a few things going on and haven't been able to prioritised my time.

It's funny because writing is when I feel most comfortable and at ease; I believe it's my way of connecting to people.

It's strange that when we go through tough moments at shy away from what we love, we isolate ourselves because it's what we think we need.

I received an email not long ago asking about the concept of letting go and to elaborate on that.

It's taken me a few weeks (and a few life lessons) to understand the concept of letting go. Over those weeks I realised that we automatically claim situations and people. That poses the question "why would we let go of something that belongs to us?"

The sad truth is that what your claiming, whether it be a relationship, job or person... it was never yours to begin with.

People associate letting go as a sad thing, something that will hurt us even deeper but what people don't realise is that basing your happiness, acceptance, love, etc on someone else only lasts for so long- soon enough you will feel unfulfilled once again.

Feelings are made up of sensations within the human body, certain sensations connect to particular feelings...just remember a sensation can leave just as quickly as it came. Letting go is setting yourself free, it's embracing the feeling of lonely or uncertainty; it's giving yourself the opportunity to explore and grow. If you love yourself the way that you deserve, you will understand the difference between need and want.

Letting go is not forever in fact nothing is. Trust me, if it is meant for you it will come back and if it doesn't, brace yourself because something better is coming.

There is a plan much bigger then you or I. Once we change our perception of letting go and we accept the law of change, only then can we feel the sensation of peace. I urge you to listen to yourself, don't be afraid of what might be, it might just change your life for the better...

Peace & love,


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