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Your choice, not mine.

He said to me “Sometimes just because you hold certain morals, doesn’t mean you can’t break them once in a while. It’s important that you forgive but never forget.”

This is coming from someone who could not forgive for a very long time.

I was instantly disappointed; I saw then and there how easily people can be influenced when offered something that could potentially benefit their life; I emphasise the word potentially because this particular ‘peace offering’ would have been short lived. I responded with: “Yes but this person is offering you a ‘peace offering’ with an unclear motive and you’re willing to take it with a not so great intention…as quickly as you take it, is as quickly as it will disappear; that’s the law of the universe...” But of course I was wrong. It got me thinking; How easily influenced do we become when we feel entitled?

All of a sudden everything we once felt or believed disappears; the notion of ‘they owe me’ becomes so strong that we forget that: no one owes us anything.

The moral of this entry is: You have a mind of your own and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and just because someone you trust tells you to reconsider what you believe, doesn’t mean you should.

I urge you to thank those who offer you unclear advice or those who make you question your choices, I know for me personally it has made me become stronger in what I believe in. I’ve also realised you can still love someone and be disappointed in their actions; at the end of the day you don’t have to live with their choices, they do.

Peace & love,


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