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You do you.

Throughout the last 2 weeks I have been observing those around me, and have witnessed the barrier between generations. I personally have been asked these questions (listed down below) and time after time I  have had to validate myself and it became tiring.

The aim for this entry is to give you permission to simply: Do what you love without being apologetic and without second guessing it.

"Why can't you choose one thing and stick to it?" -You are allowed to start and stop, you have the right to listen to your soul and if it doesn't feel right, leave it behind.

Be true to yourself.

"How will you make money?"

-How you make money is up to you. In todays society we have added pressure such as social media feeding us lies and unrealistic expectations of what life should look like. When you follow what you love, with the intention of love, money comes.

"...but what do you actually do?"

-What type of question is that... honestly?! 

You 'do' what you love; You follow your passion and allow your heart and mind to stay open to anything and everything... that is what you 'do.'

"What if you fail?" -You will not fail. The passion that you have will not allow you to fail; there might be challenges along the way but failure is not an option.

"You're a dreamer..."

- I admire your ability to dream. To dream means that you see more, hear more and know more. To dream means you are changing, so please keep dreaming.

"I want you to be stable and this isn't stable" -Societies version of stable is different to yours. Do not allow the choices and opinions of others to alter what you believe in or how you want to live your life.  You do not need to be doing what everyone else is doing, you have the right to take your time, to follow your journey. Be patient and embrace time, with time comes alignment and with alignment comes the synchronicity of life.  "You can't change the world..."

-Yes you can. It may sound far fetched but let me explain how...

Each and everyone of us is subconsciously or consciously going through the motions of everyday life. We have all been hit with challenges that have helped define who we are or the person we want to be; with life comes pain and with pain comes healing. Whether we are conscious or not we are looking for hope: We hope to be better, hope to know better, hope to strive for more... Each day without realising we meet people or hear messages that change our perspective, this allows us to see the world, and people around us a little differently. This gives us hope again...

We being to change our mindset, the stories we tell ourselves, we become softer, kinder, we speak a little differently, treat people with more respect and acceptance; we being to open our hearts and minds.

We begin to create the ripple effect...

When we show kindness, kindness is passed on, when we show acceptance, acceptance is passed on, when we show love, love will be passed on...

No one will ever forget how you made them feel, remember that. 

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't change the world, the truth of the matter is you already have.

Peace & Love,


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