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Change your dialogue

I wanted to jump on to talk about the emotion anger and if we are ever really aware of our true feelings.

This entry is an open thought process, it’s not right nor is it wrong, it is just an open conversation.

Every day we filter through different emotions, whatever they are, that’s okay, in order to grow we need to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

(Remember: In discomfort is when change begins to happen.)

Anyway, this got me thinking about the emotion anger.

I was struggling with the idea that this particular label gives us the right to change who we are; I began to realise with anger comes entitlement.

How many times do you hear: “oh they were just angry, that’s why they threw that, said that or did that.”

Being angry allows us to be someone we’re not. When we are angry we become entitled, we say what we want without consideration for those around us, we do what we want without thinking of the repercussions of our actions and overall it changes us into someone that we are not proud of. Anger allows us to become spiteful and hurtful towards not only others but ourselves… This got me thinking, is anger a mask for how we are really feeling? Is it easier to label ourselves as angry rather than vulnerable, hurt or disappointed?

I don’t want to state that anger is not real but I want to ask…is it?

Is it possible that maybe we aren’t truly aware of how we are feeling and anger easiest to associate with?

For the last 2 weeks I have been testing this theory, usually I would say, “I’m angry” once I said this it would allow me to:

1. Deflect how I was really feeling

2. Would fuel the fire within my body

Instead I decided to become more aware of what I was feeling and starting saying things like: “I feel hurt” or “I feel disappointed.” I began to realise that changing the dialogue helped changed my mental state. When we change our dialogue, we change our thought process; we then become conscious of our actions and our energy shifts. I encourage you to change your dialogue and see what happens…

Peace & Love, Mikaela

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