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Stay honest.

Expectation and judgement go hand in hand.

"No one will ever love you like I do and this is not what I visualise for you."

What someone visualises verse what you want can be two different things. It can be really hard to chase you desires or even be proud of what you want when you feel like you're letting others down. It's a scary feeling to know that what makes you happy, can disappoint people that you love.

"But what about the future?" Yes, what about it? Do you live a life only considering your future self and not your present self? We can't live a life 10 years from now or even 2 months from now; we have to live in the now.

And although what you want may be hard for others to understand, it's important that you dig down deep, be truly and utterly honest with yourself and if it feels right, it is; it might be right for the present moment, maybe not forever but if you stay honest with yourself, you will always find your way.

Peace & love,


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