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Surrender to what is.

Have you ever taken the time to sit in silence and do nothing at all? At first this might sound strange, but hear me out for a quick sec.

This morning I took the time to wake up at 6:20 am (specific, I know) the reason I did this is:

  1. I want to improve my sleep wake cycle

  2. I wanted to take the time to lay/ sit in stillness and there's no better time then when you have woken up; fresh mind, fresh thoughts.

I turned on my Insight timer (such a good app, I suggest you download it) and listened to a guided meditation. It was a 'Morning ritual meditation' that would help me get ready for the day with a clear mind. Controlling the mind can be extremely difficult as I think it's easier to run off with 'what could be' or 'what might be' rather that 'what is.' This meditation took me through a series of breathing activities, helping me find awareness of my body and my breath. It helped me visualise where I was sending my energy and intention. As I brought my hands to my heart I was told to 'be grateful for all I have' so I did. The feeling of gratitude washed over my entire body. I felt tingles through my arms, spine, legs and literally felt energy radiate around me. In this moment I set my intention. My intention: Surrender to what is.

One of the hardest things we will ever do is to surrender- is to find peace in every situation. You see we all search happiness but we don't seek contentment for what is.

In happiness there is sadness and in sadness there is happiness and in all of this is there is silence; in silence is when you are able to fully feel, make a decision and heal.

In that moment of gratitude I became aware of all that is good in this world; there is so much to be grateful for. There are people who need to start again everyday, children who have less then us but make the best out of what they have. Those who have lost love but continue to seek for a different type of love, there are those who simply try to be 'better then they were yesterday.'

Hand on my heart; I felt love when I took the time to be grateful. Take time to sit in stillness and feel... Peace & love, Mikaela

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