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Compliment, never complete.

There is a stigma around finding someone who will 'complete us' or 'make us whole again.' There is also a need to tell someone, "I am not me without you; you are my other half."

I know that this all comes from a tender and loving place but what happens when we change our dialogue? Instead of saying you complete me, why not try- you compliment me and I compliment you, that's why we are perfect together. We should never feel that we need someone to complete us, we are already a whole. We are made up of our past, morals, religion, personal beliefs, etc. You already shine whether you have a partner or not. Instead of looking for someone who can be your other half, find someone who shines just as bright, someone who accepts you for all of you and someone who sees your light. Together you shine brighter. Together you compliment one another. Be vigilant when it comes to those who try to outshine you, drain your energy and try to make you depend on them, these people are taking your shine and that is how you fall into we and you lose I. I will always be a necessity, it is important, it is who you are and who you want to be. Relationships are a beautiful thing, but what is equally as beautiful is the sureness that you have of yourself, within yourself. Take a step back and don't glorify we, don't become lost in what could be- a relationship will not take away loneliness or sadness, if you're in the wrong relationship you will feel more isolated then ever.

Dig deep, choose wisely and find your shine.

Peace & love, Mikaela

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