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Be grateful for your lessons, no matter how hard they are.

I have avoided writing because there have been things going on in my life which I couldn't quite understand. I have been struggling to work out why things happen the way they do and have been asking too many 'whats ifs' rather then simply going through the motions.

It's easy to preach 'let go', 'you will learn from this' etc, etc... although this is all true, sometimes the human is us just wants to be irrational and not listen to logic.

As beautiful as life is, there will be moments of absolute pain and confusion; through times of seeking answers you will become quiet, there will be moments where you will not recognise yourself and the person you have become. You will question all that you know, your morals, will be willing to give up parts of yourself for a situation or person.

The last few weeks I have realised (with help from others) that:

1. Not all connections will end up in relationships- The beauty of connecting is being able to just be yourself without wearing a mask. Not every connection that you make will end in a relationship, but instead it will unravel another layer of yourself that you did not know existed.

2. That timing is always on your side- even when it feels like it's not... Life is about time and place, we can't control time nor the people who are placed into our lives all we can do is simply be okay with letting them enter and letting them leave- when it comes to time there is no barrier. (Yes, this is ALOT easier said then done... but deep down you know it's true.)

3. Universal lessons- We are assigned universal lessons, and it's funny because when people hear this term, they automatically think that it will be this divine lesson that will bring us peace and happiness... Nope! The real lesson will probably leave you heart broken and sad (this isn't as bad as it sounds.) Your universal lesson will test what you claim to know, what you preach, what you believe and what you tell others- in order to preach you must practise, so just like everything else in life we are handed assignments to test our knowledge and to stay true to what we know and believe. Learn more about yourself in this life, so you have more knowledge in your next...

Peace & love,


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