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Give and take

Have you ever thought about the circumstance in which we meet people in? Is it at a time when you are most happy? maybe vulnerable? maybe you were seeking something to latch onto...

I believe most times is it when we are seeking something for ourselves.

What matters is that our soul is searching and our hearts are open enough to allow someone in. Regardless of someones past, their attitude, race, culture or personal beliefs. In that moment we are open to something new, to a new understanding, a new relationship or even a lesson. Taking and giving with the right intention, a pure intention.

In return we offer a little of our energy, our gratitude.

Our energy is our life force, it is us. It is what vibrates around us, what rebounds onto others. It is what we carry, it is sacred, it is real and it is ours.

We share our energy to those who need it. Peace & love,


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