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Following the signs

How many times have we all wanted to do something but have been scared to pursue it? We question it, over think it and pick it apart. Imagine how much of our emotional, spiritual and mental energy has been drained by these thoughts, already tainting something that we haven't started.

Then and there we instantly allow fear to becomes a lingering front seat passenger. 

There have been countless times that I have not been able to say what I needed to, do what I wanted to or pursue something that I believed in, all because I was scared of failing, scared of judgement, scared of opinions, scared because 'I am a dreamer and it just wouldn't work...' ( a story which simply isn't true.)

A women which I met at 16 (and hold very close to my heart) introduced me to the 'Power of Asking'. She simply said, 'Ask for you sign, see what happens.'

Although there was an element of fear, my heart was still open enough to have complete faith and trust in the universe and down deep I believed that I was and am constantly watched over. I have countless stories in which I can tell but i'll tell you one that has stuck with me.

I sat in the yoga room before class, I was having an internal battle with myself- every part of me knew that I wanted to take place in The Original 26 & 2 yoga course, but fear was hanging over my shoulders, feeding my mind stories that were simply untrue.

Then and there I asked for my sign.

I asked for a lizard, yes I know how random that may sound but I figured I was inside in a closed room, I never hear or see lizards and it was the first thought that came to mind.

Class started and we got to standing separate leg head to knee pose, I turned to the right and something caught my eye. There it was my sign...In front of me stood a man with a lizard tattoo on his back; I felt my heart stop just for a moment.

I acknowledged the sign and kept on with my practise pondering on the fact that, that could have been major coincidence (even though I do not believe in coincidence.)

Instead of arguing I decided to take that as my sign- although fear still hung around, it became a back seat passenger, I figured a little bit of fear is okay. I completed The Original 26 & 2 yoga training and it has been one of my best accomplishments to date. I love what it represents; a practise that is so healing for us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Some may find this intriguing and some may not believe it, that's okay. For those who are curious I ask you, have you ever asked for a sign? 

Maybe you could try and ask for one now?

Like I mentioned previously this is one of many situations when I have asked for my sign and received it within the time frame of an hour. I believe our journey is written out for us and although at times we may detour we eventually find our way, it's just a matter of following the signs...

Peace & love,


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