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I'm going to keep this entry short & simple... let me know what you think.

I was listening to a podcast by Deepak Chopra and he explains, when we are born, we are born with a pure consciousness; which means: “A pure mind; infinent possibilities. A feeling of infinite correlation, one with all that exists. We have an intimate relationship with the universe and nature. A feel of interconnectedness, love, joy, happiness and so on.”

As we grow we become the person our parents shape us into (and although we should be thankful for that) it got me thinking- Are we who we want to be or are we the person we have been conditioned to be?

Do we lose or leave behind parts of ourselves because of our conditioning? Do we carry on traits, pain and stories of others? Before we were told ‘No’ anything was possible, before the concept of ‘fear’ our limits were endless; now there are too many thoughts and questions that hold us back.

Have we as individuals put a limit on our thoughts or is it a result of our conditioning?

Peace & Love,


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