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I’ll play my part and you play yours.

Know when you have both played your part.

I recently touched base on this. I was mind blown when I realised that not every connection ends in a relationship!

I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe everything and everyone comes into your life for a reason; no matter how beautiful or painful the lesson might be it’s part of your journey.

I believe that you need to play your part and they will play theirs…I’ll explain further.

We tend to confuse ‘wanting someone’ with ‘wanting what someone has.’

There was someone in my life that I cared for very deeply and my perception of them was that they were free, free of explaining themselves, free of expectations, freedom in the sense of picking up and leaving. I think between the both of us we were seeking what each other had.

I also came to the realisation that we are willing to push away our morals, beliefs and what we want for the idea for love. We are obsessed with the idea of giving and receiving love that loving and prioritising ourselves becomes secondary.

I don’t mean this in a bad way, I think it is really important to ask yourself:

“Can I compromise on this? Am I willing to lose this person over this?”

What is also equally as important is asking yourself:

“How much am I willing to lose of myself for somebody else?”

You must establish these boundaries within yourself before you enter a relationship. Know within yourself who you are, what you want, what are you willing to give and take? What are you willing to compromise?

Establish your boundaries and respect them.

Peace & love,


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