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11:30pm...Truth be told.

"All I want is the truth nothing more, nothing less."

Truth from friends and family

Truth by your significant other

Truth with words and actions

Truth within yourself

Fact of the matter is: Wanting to know the truth is different from actually receiving truth. Truthfulness isn't meant to ruin anything, in-fact my belief is that it's suppose to make relationships stronger, more resilient...but from what I have witnessed, it seems that telling your truth can be taken as a personal attack and can be what breaks relationships.

That's the thing about truth & honesty, once you know you can't un-know, your feelings, opinions, views and relationships begin to change. Relationships shouldn't only be based on how much you know about someone or how much you can rely on each-other; we should restructure relationships based on how honest we can be with one another. Sometimes it takes an honest feeling/ conversation to determine the type of relationship you're in.

Don't lie to yourself or to the people around you.

Peace & Love,


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